Becoming Bar Mitzvah in St. Paul, Minnesota by Sue Lund Photography

Bar Mitzvah photography in St. Paul, MN

Mikey is a Mensch of a Man!

Do the clothes make the man?

When a 13 year old boy becomes bar mitzvah in the Jewish community, he is considered “a man.” Which really means he is granted all of the rights and obligations of an adult in the Jewish community.  He can now wear the ritual prayer shawl- the tallit- shown here- and he can be called up to the Torah for a blessing (an aliyah).

Mikey, shown here in his handsome suit, pink flower, and matching socks and tie gets my best dressed award! 🙂 He picked all of this out himself, says his Mom. (When I asked.)

What does he want to be when he grows up? (I ask during a quiet moment between photographs.) A zoologist! Well, Mikey, I would say a mensch like you can do anything you set your mind to do.

In my photographs, I always try to capture any unique qualities of people I am photographing. I want to show the essence- or spirit of that person or people. I happened to catch a glance of his socks.. along, of course, with the rest of the outfit. So, I wanted to be sure to take a photograph or two showing his whole outfit! So fun, creative and clever.

Here, I do believe, you see Mikey’s propensity for style.. as well as substance… set against the backdrop of the sanctuary, where I have also portrayed the ritual elements of the bema in their best light.

Mazel Tov Mikey!  It was my pleasure getting to know you and your family  through taking these images. You are a mensch of a man! 🙂 I look forward to seeing your next chapter.  Thank G-d for our children/young adults! They are our future!

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