Minneapolis Photographer Sue Lund Photographs Bat Mitzvah in Snow Storm

Hannah’s bat mitzvah at Temple Israel in Minneapolis, MN this past weekend during Minnesota’s “historic snowstorm” in April (April 14, 2018) brought everyone So.Much.Joy! I had a blast photographing Hannah and her family on her bat mitzvah day. The day before, Friday night, April 13th, I planned accordingly for the big snow that was to come, by making a reservation … Continue reading

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Weddings on a Budget.. Falling in Love & Finding your Wedding Photographer

  You are in Love! You are getting married! CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Now, you need a wedding photographer.  Who are you gonna call? You can check on wedding wire, or the Knot, or countless other social media sites, but how do you know when you have found what you are looking for? How did you know, ladies, when Mr. Right came along? … Continue reading

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Becoming Bar Mitzvah in St. Paul, Minnesota by Sue Lund Photography

Do the clothes make the man? When a 13 year old boy becomes bar mitzvah in the Jewish community, he is considered “a man.” Which really means he is granted all of the rights and obligations of an adult in the Jewish community.  He can now wear the ritual prayer shawl- the tallit- shown here- and he can be called … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Bat Mitzvah Photography by Sue Lund

Here at TEMPLE ISRAEL in MINNEAPOLIS we have another bat mitzvah! This shot was taking away from the subject… a quick candid of mother and son, having a moment while the bat mitzvah was posing.  I love these candid moments, don’t you?

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Photographs that Capture and Re-Live the Moment – Retirement!

Can you feel the JOY and LOVE at this RETIREMENT party? That’s what photography is all about.  Capturing that moment.  In this case, Wanda was clearly over joyed at receiving this rather LARGE gift.  What fun! You can see it on her face. And you can see the giver of the gift- how happy he was to present it to … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Bar Mitzvah Photography- Mazel Tov David!

I Love Photographing at TEMPLE ISRAEL in MINNEAPOLIS! I have been fortunate to have had some return gigs this year and have been very busy in January and Feb. 2018.. Yay! Business is good.  I love this photo because it captures a great candid moment between father and son.  I like to photograph a mix of candid and family photos … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Bar Mitzvah Photography- It’s David’s turn now :)

It’s David’s turn now! That’s David on the right.. Adam is on the left.  It’s time for David’s bar mitzvah.. the youngest of 3 siblings.  I LOVE it when I have the opportunity to photograph all the kids over a span of a number of years.  So fun! Mazel Tov David… It’s your turn to SHINE!

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Minneapolis bat mitzvah photography – The Lovely Lydia!

Introducing the Lovely Lydia at her bat mitzvah at TEMPLE ISRAEL in MINNEAPOLIS, MN this past weekend- January 20, 2018.  What a delight to photograph her and her family and friends. Mazel Tov to all! More pictures can be viewed at suelundphoto.com.  Click on Your Photos; Go into the B’nei Mitzvah folders and click on Lydia’s images. EnJOY! #ILoveMitzvahs

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Minneapolis bar mitzvah photography by Sue Lund

Had a fabulous time photographing Eli at Beth El Synagogue last week and also at The Sheraton West in Mpls. for his celebration.  Pictured here are the Mom and the sister.  I love moments like this, away from my posed shot, where I can just capture the love and intimacy. Family! Rocks! Mazel Tov to Eli, friends and family on … Continue reading

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Bar Mitzvah Photography at Beth El Synagogue in St. Louis Park

So good to be Back at BETH EL Synagogue in St. Louis Park this weekend for Eli’s bar mitzvah.  My last event was back in Sept for Eli Ailloni.  Now, it’s for Eli Kaufman! Same name! What were the chances? I mean Eli is not like David, or Michael or Sam.  It’s a rather unique name, wouldn’t you say? How … Continue reading

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