My Approach

From the Vikings Holiday Party to the Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, my approach to event photography is to document all aspects of the event, down to the very last detail.  I love capturing the interactions between people whether its the speaker, such as Lily Tomlin, comedian and actress, speaking in front of a packed audience or individuals I do not know, sharing a laugh or embrace.  My photography is a record of that moment, just as you wish it were to be remembered.

Dr. Maya Angelou, author and poet laureate

One of my favorite stories about photographing an event, was when I had the privilege and pleasure to photograph a celebrity event with Dr. Maya Angelou,  author and poet laureate.  I was asked first to photograph Dr. Angelou with various donors.  Dr. Angelou remained in a private room and the donors would come in to meet her, a group at a time, and have their picture taken by me.  Dr. Angelou was in a wheel chair. Each time a new group would come in for their photo op, they would start to knell down next to Maya to be on her level — and of course, this would make a better arrangement for the photograph. Every single time, the people would bend down to be with Maya, Dr. Angelou would repeat this mantra.  I will never forget: “Stand tall next to me. Bow before no-one.  Bow only before God.  Take my hand.” Every single time she would repeat these words.  The donors would stand tall beside Maya and take her hand as I captured the photograph. I will always remember. What an inspiration to me and to millions.  Thank you Dr. Maya Angelou for your wise words.  Always. I feel so very fortunate that through my event photography, I am able to record such awesome connections between people. These moments are unforgettable, and often occur but once in a lifetime.  How wonderful that we have photographs to bring back that moment and the wonderful feelings that those precious memories create. May Maya’s memory always be for a blessing and may her words, voice, and gracious beauty live on for all eternity.